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Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT S5830 on Gingerbread Firmware

Galaxy Ace LogoSamsung Galaxy Ace S 5830 owners wait is now over as we have got an immense response for the rooting procedure, so we are here with the same. So, for all those who are having the current version of firmware as Gingerbread 2.3.3 or even 2.3.4 can now proceed to rooting of the phone. In the due course of this article we will not only see just the instructions to root but also we will see on how you can safely finish the rooting process with the Pre Requisite instructions.
Rooting voids the warranty, but please note that rooting access can also be revoked at any point of time upon your discretion and after which you can then reclaim the warranty. Over a period of days we will also see on how you can easily un root the phone as well which too is a simple process.

It’s always recommended to follow the mentioned instructions carefully before proceeding to the rooting process. The biggest advantage of rooting is that as soon as you root the device, you can even taste your phone with the Custom ROMs which are not only faster due to the EXT4 file system compared to the existing laggy RFS file system. With the help of rooting, you can convert the file system to the EXT4 which then makes device faster which can also be measured in terms of quadrant ranks. Please note that this rooting article is strictly for the Galaxy Ace S5830 handset and not for any other phone. If you still proceed to apply this to any other similar phones then there is a high probability that you may end up bricking up the phone.
Note: We undertake no responsibility what so ever in any manner if anything happens to your device after rooting the same which is an unlikely case if you root the phone by following the instructions which are mentioned below.
Pre Requisites:
  • In the due course of the rooting process, there are chances that you may lose all the data which is there in the phone. Please note that this data includes the SMS, Contacts and also other data like the images and videos. So, it’s recommended to create a backup of all these so that these can be restored back in case of deletion. Though this consumes bit of an extra time but this step is of a great respite when the data gets deleted.
  • To back up the videos, songs and images you can move all these into your SD Card which can be then removed from the phone till the process of rooting is finished so as to safeguard the data from getting corrupted. To backup as well as restore your contacts and SMS you can refer the below mentioned links.
  • Note that the minimum battery backup should be more than 90% so as to facilitate proper rooting process and also ensure that the KIES has been updated with the latest version which is the KIES 2 version as a minimum and also close the Antivirus solution till the rooting process is completed.
  • For applying the rooting process, you will be requiring a computer or laptop which comes with a minimum of USB 2.0 slots along with the administration rights privilege. It has been found that many users were having the issues about the Port not getting opened, so this step needs to be followed strictly. So, let’s proceed for the instructions which you can find the same in the next page.
  • Also, to note down the APN as well as MMS Settings which are responsible for the internet access as well as for sending MMS Settings then from this path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names” you can note down all the settings by tapping on the MMS, GPRS or 3G Settings. As soon as the rooting process is done, you can then configure these settings again if these are lost in the process of rooting. So, in the next page, let’s proceed to the instructions to root Samsung Galaxy Ace S 5830 handset.
Procedure to Root Galaxy Ace S5830:
  • Before you proceed to the instructions, its highly recommended that you first go through the instructions properly so that then you will be used to all the steps and then can proceed to root.
  • Download the Ace Rooting Package first in your computer which is nothing but the Zip file. As soon as you download this file in your computer, you will have to then connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable.
  • As soon as the phone is connected, you will have to now copy this zip file as it is without renaming the file to your phone and need to place this file in your phone. Please note that you don’t have to put this file deep into any folder or else you will face issues in finding the same.
  • The  recovery mode can be turned ON by pressing Middle Key(OK Key) + Power key and Volume Down Key simultaneously before connecting to PC after which the phone will enter in the recovery mode. Now, in the recovery mode, you will have to choose the option of “update from SD card”. To add up to your convenience, we have also done a small video on how you can enter into the recovery mode in your Samsung Galaxy Ace which you can refer the same below.
Upon selection of this option, you will see that you will be asked to select the zip file, now choose the file which you placed the same in your phone which is having the name of “GalaxyAce_RootingPackage.zip”. Choose the same and then the process of rooting will be commenced. Please note that in the process of rooting there will be screen flickering and your device may also be restarted, so don’t panic and interrupt the process of rooting.

Galaxy Ace Welcom ScreenGalaxy Ace About PhoneGalaxy Ace Tweak manager
  • Once the rooting process is done, the device will be rebooted and then you will see that a super user application will be installed in your phone along with the Clock Work Mod Recovery (CWM) application which will then provide you with the access to the gateway of options which are shown in the below screen shot.
  • So, that’s it after applying the zip file if it doesn’t reboot automatically then you will have to select the option of “Reboot System Now” to reboot the phone.
  • Just in case these above tweaks are not installed in your phone, you will have to download this “Modified EXT4.apk” file for advanced version of the CWM4 Recovery Console. Please note that this apk file needs to be either installed from the “Recovery Mode” or from the CWM application which gets installed in your phone after rooting the Galaxy Ace phone.
If at all there are any issues that the phone hasn’t rooted then you need to follow the whole process which is mentioned above so as to facilitate the rooting process. Do let us know in the comments section on whether the device has been successfully rooted or not as we will try to solve the issue as soon as possible.


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